Clinical Trials

Clinical trials in the Huntington's disease community

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Support Groups

Support groups for caregivers and those affected or at-risk

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Counseling resources from qualified health professionals offered through Huntington's Disease organizations

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Genetic Testing

Family planning and genetic testing:
Know the options, the process, and the organizations that offer resources.

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Relief Funds

Discover Huntington's Disease organizations that offer relief funds for those that are impacted by this devastating disease.

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Huntington's Disease Specialty Centers

Healthcare centers that have been recognized to have experience and expertise in handling Huntington's Disease

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Educational Videos

These organizations offer educational videos to help educate caregivers and those affected and/or at-risk of developing Huntington's Disease.

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Engage with other people impacted by HD through these forums.

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Living with Huntington's Disease

Find out more about family planning, financial & legal matters, health & fitness, and the caregiver assessment.

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