About HD GEM


The mission for the Huntington's Disease Global Ecosystem Map (HD GEM) is to further engage with the "silent" 70% of the HD community by helping those impacted by Huntington's disease(HD) find the resources they need to better assist them on their HD journey. This not for profit project was started and created by Casey Herrington with the guidance of the an advisory team made up of leaders within the HD community.

Advisory Team

BJ Viau

Chairman, Huntington's disease Youth Organization

Jack Griffin

CEO, Griffin Foundation

Ann Cunningham

Vp, global neurodegenerative diseases, previously at teva 

Ann Lassiter

Executive Director, HD REACH

Katie Jackson

President, Help 4 HD internationanl

George Yohrling

Senior Director, Mission and scientific affairs, huntingtons disease society of america

Heather Hare

Director of communications & outreach, huntington study group

Project Creator

Casey Herrington

Casey has been working on HD GEM full time since recieving grant funding in 2018. He comes from an HD family having lost his mother to Huntington's disease in 2013 at the age of 46, and himself along with 3 sisters are at-risk of developing the disease. With an entreprenuerial passion, Casey is striving to aid in the fight of creating a world without Huntington's disease. HD GEM is just the begining. You can contact Casey by emailing him at casey@hdgem.org.