Huntington's Disease Global Ecosystem Map

HD GEM gives you an overview of the HD community and helps people discover Huntington's disease resources fast.

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Resources for Young People

Click for links to support groups, Huntington's disease forums, educational videos, and counseling geared toward Huntington's Disease youth.

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View HD Ecosystem

Get a 30,000 foot view of the Huntington's disease ecosystem and which organizations, trials and treatments are involved.

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Resources for Caregivers, Affected, & At-Risk Individuals

Connect with Huntington's Disease organizations that offer telehealth, support groups, genetic testing, Huntington's disease forums, and relief funds for those who are affected or at-risk of HD

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Resources for Researchers

Investigate research tools offered by Huntington's Disease organizations and learn about potential funding sources for HD research.

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Learn more about current drugs on the market to help those with Huntington's Disease improve their quality of life.

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Resources for Healthcare & Law Professionals

Discover Huntington's disease information offerings from the HD community for healthcare and law enforcement professionals.

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Community News

How do you stay up-to-date on Huntington's Disease news? Learn more about the HD organizations that focus on providing the latest information.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Engage with the Huntington's Disease community by volunteering your time. Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

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Resources for HD Community Leadership

Gain insight into data concerning the Huntington's Disease community to determine how to better reach and serve the population.

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